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About Our District


Hilmar Unified School District


HUSD is a K-12 rural school district with approximately 2277 students.  We are comprised of 5 schools: Hilmar High School, Irwin/Colony High School, Hilmar Middle School, Elim Elementary School, and Merquin Elementary School.

Philosophy and Goals
Board Policy 0100

We the Board of Trustees of the Hilmar Unified School District recognize that the public schools are an instrument of the people of the State of California which responds to the needs of children in the local community.  We believe that the School District should reflect the community and should promote traditional values and ethics that provide a framework within which educational goals are achieved.  Programs and activities should reflect traditional community norms, cooperative and conforming behavior, and the restraint of the individual within these norms.  Therefore, within the boundaries established by State law, Federal law, and traditional community norms; our mission is to prepare students to participate constructively in a changing society while either successfully entering a vocation and earning a living or pursuing additional education through institutions of higher learning.  To fulfill this mission, we believe that all students have a right to adequate facilities, personal safety, an environment conducive to learning and high quality educational staff and programs which allows them to be able to: 
  1. Read, write, and speak the English language.

  2. Understand and use numbers and mathematical concepts.

  3. Understand the American heritage and ideals.

  4. Understand what is necessary to produce a healthy life, including physical fitness.

  5. Generally understand the natural and physical world in which we live.

  6. Demonstrate a positive attitude toward responsible citizenship.

  7. Demonstrate ethical value based on rights and responsibilities.

  8. Demonstrate a positive concept of self worth.

  9. Appreciate and value art, music, and literature.

  10. Appreciate and value those of other cultural backgrounds, races, and/or nationalities.

  11. Appreciate and value learning and education as a lifelong activity.

  12. Attain technological literacy.

  13. Have the skills needed to enter a chosen vocation and/or the level of knowledge needed to be successful in institutions of higher learning.

The Superintendent is directed to prepare and present to the Board an assessment program which addresses the success of the district in meeting these goals.
Adopted:  2/9/99