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Clubs and Student Organizations Guidelines


According to the previously established constitution, all clubs and organizations must adhere to the following in order to be recognized and to receive support from the HHS Associated Student Body.


  1. Shall submit a constitution to the Student Site Council for ratification and receive approval by the district.  The advisor shall be a faculty or staff member that has been approved by the Principal, before they can begin to function.
  2. Will conform to the Hilmar Unified School Board of Education’s Rules and Regulations concerning clubs and organizations.
  3. Will not have policies that conflict with the Constitution of the Associated Student Body
  4. Will send an official representative to attend all Student Site Council meetings. 
  5. Shall host one lunchtime school activity to promote school spirit for ASB that has been approved by our Student Council.
  6. Will not fundraise, charge dues or fees without prior approval of Student Council.
  7. Shall have the right to determine the requirements of membership so long as those requirements apply equally to all students who have earned a grade point average of 2.0 or greater.
  8. Will submit a Purchase Requisition Form to Student Council for any activity that involves the use of Student Body funds.
  9. Shall host at least one fundraiser per school year.




The web sites linked to this page have been complied by Hilmar High School as a resource for students, teachers, and parents to help them become more aware of additional information regarding HHS student organizations. They do not constitute any endorsement, nor is any exclusion intentional.

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HHS Class Advisors


John Vieira 

Class Of 2016


Silvia Valadez 

Class Of 2015 


Lori Amarante

Class Of 2014


Kathleen Whitford

Class Of 2013