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Important Contact Information

Office hours & Distance learning classwork requests

Please note that voicemails left with the high school office are being checked regularly and that Monday - Friday from 9-12 there will be office staff available.
Parents and students requesting work should contact the office so that we can prepare paperwork and arrange a time for the child/parent to pick it up.

To send a message, please click the mail icon in front of the contact name.

Administration and Office Staff
Contact Julie Barroso  Julie Barroso (209) 669-5461 ex: 4109 Counseling Secretary
Contact Melissa Brewer  Melissa Brewer (209) 667-5903 ex: 4104 Principal
Contact Darlene Carvalho  Darlene Carvalho (209) 667-5903 ex: 4105 Counselor
Contact Estelle Coelho  Estelle Coelho (209) 667-5903 ex: 4102 Attendance Secretary
Contact Michele Livak  Michele Livak (209) 667-5903 ex: 4103 Administrative Secretary
Contact Lucy Machado-Rocha  Lucy Machado-Rocha (209) 669-5461 ex: 4107 Head Counselor
Contact Steven Menezes  Steven Menezes (209) 667-5903 ex: 4101 Assistant Principal
Contact Mary Beth Rocha  Mary Beth Rocha (209) 667-5903 ex: 4108 Counselor
Contact Lorita Vasquez  Lorita Vasquez (209) 667-5903 ex: 4115 ROP Advisor
Teacher contact information


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