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Merced County Library Card Initiative

How to Participate

Hilmar High School is participating in a county wide literacy initiative to obtain library cards for all Merced county students. Students with parent signed application forms will be able to obtain a Merced County library card through Hilmar High School. Your students enrollment in the school takes the place of having to show a utility bill as proof of residence.

Forms are available in the Hilmar High School Tech Center inside the library.

Some of the benefits in having a Merced county library card are listed below.

Privileges & Services include:

Digital E-Books:

Never worry about late fees or damages, students will be able to check out and read books through Merced County’s 3M cloud library. This is an e-book service that has thousands of fiction and non-fiction e-book titles available for download. This service offers three different interfaces: PC App, Web App and Mobile App and is compatible with the following devices:  PC, Android, iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Kobos and Nook.

NOTE: This service has been verified to work with HUSD issued devices.


New Database Additions

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Free Driver Education Program
Our wide range of practice tests for car driving, motorcyclists, and for commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) is perfect for anywhere in the state, as the written test is the same at all California DMV locations.

Several of our tests are also available in other languages, specifically Spanish and Russian.