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Senior Chromebook Collection/Purchase

Collection starts after student gets their yellow card on June 3rd

Collection ends June 5th at 3:00 pm

Please read the document below carefully. Seniors not purchasing their Chromebook will have to turn it in along with their charger. If there is damage to the Chromebook they will be charged a fee according to what is shown in the document below.

Fees must be cleared before a staff member can sign off on their yellow card. This causes more standing in line and can be avoided by taking a look at the the document below under, “Please check with your senior about the condition of their Chromebook!

There, you will see what we are looking for and you can check the parts table to see how much we would be charging for parts. If these items are damaged or missing please look at the parts table and consider having your senior come in early to get a cost assessment and pre-pay fees if necessary.

Senior Chromebook Collection