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Seniors, Please Use Google Takeout to transfer your data!

Posted Date: 6/07/24 (2:21 PM)

Seniors, please take the time to use Google Takeout to transfer your data from your school account to your personal Gmail account

After seniors graduate from Hilmar High School, we are required to remove from our system, any/all data that is on your current profile, RE: email, drive, etc. This will not happen immediately but will generally take place as the next school year starts. 

"I cannot count the number of seniors who call and want access to their resumes, cover letters, and letters of recommendation after they have graduated."

Google Takeout will transfer all of this data from your school account to a personal Gmail account of your choice in one of two ways.

Easy method: Transfer data to your personal Gmail account. Use the link below.

If you have a personal Google account, you can simply transfer all of your data:

More advanced method: (for those with a Yahoo, Microsoft, or other email account) 

You can download everything manually and import everything to your own specific programs or online services using this method of Google Takeout: